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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Poem: Death is the Equalizer

Death is the Equaliser Just ride on by with your pretty smile, uplifted spirit soaring in style Nothing to stop you from your great mission, searching for one to equal your passion. So ride on by with your pretty smile, keep on going for miles and miles Whatever you do you won’t turn round flying … Continue reading »

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The Idea of Privacy in Today’s Society

Wonder’s Word on the Idea of Privacy in Today’s Society I think that I have had first hand experience of what it’s like to be constantly monitored – never knowing when they are watching you, always wondering if what you are doing will be perceived as wrong in their eyes, constantly thinking of how to … Continue reading »

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The Thought of the Day

The Thought of the Day: Appreciating Motivation So once again I am back at work and surrounded by exceptionally hard working individuals who aren’t working. And then it makes me think…how much of our potential are we really utilising? They always say to live every day to the fullest, but I don’t think this idea … Continue reading »

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Essays: The Thing About Connections

The thing about Connections During my various travels, I have often met people who simultaneously inspire a sense of ambition within me and a profound sense of fear. These people step into my life unexpectedly and leave a very large shoeprint in my mind – and trust me, sometimes this process is quite painful. These … Continue reading »

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