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Fulfilling Potential

Posted by on October 8, 2013

Fulfilling Potential…with Limitations

Fulfilling your own potential has one main issue: it assumes that you know the extent to that potential; that you know the depths of your own abilities; that you know what to do in order to fill up the cup of your own blaring blind spot.

 Unlikely, isn’t it? Not just because it is an assumption of fulfillment, but because it is an assumption of measurement. Who can say how much potential one has? I’ve experienced this assumption, and boy, does it offend me. When I set a limitation for myself, all I want to do is prove it wrong. That goes for any limitation, though, whether set by me or by others. The harsh reality comes when one over-extends one’s assumptions – when one is proved to fall within the limitation. No one wants to hear that they are not good enough – that they have reached the boundaries of their potential – that there is no more room to grow…

And that’s what it comes down to: one’s ability to grow; to improve from one’s previous position; to accept those boundaries and then build up on them. Maybe not in the same direction as one previously believed, but to build none-the-less. They call it the “blind” window. The window of infinite possibility. The area of unknowns… Unknown by everyone around you and even unknown to yourself. The psyche’s hidden secrets. The things which taunt us…tempt us…in our waking dreams. But there are edges to this block of blackness – although even implying the shape to be a block is limiting the various forms and shapes this element can take. It depends on how you push those limits. How you bend your will. How you place your efforts to create the very things which will make you grow; potential.

Infinite yet limited. Able to grow under support, yet fulfilled even with harsh conditions – sometimes better yet…so long as the will is there. The aura of purpose. “Potential” is merely a tool – one which can be shaped as perfectly as possible so as to easily fulfill purpose. “Will” is what is used to implement that potential so as to reach that purpose to which one strives. “Determination” is a mold of will, to force the abstract shape of one’s potential to fit the key-hole of purpose; to open the door to the next goal.

So, although I know my potential is limited in one direction, all I need to do is to stop being so narrow-minded and obtuse, only for my potential to grow in the direction it was meant to…the direction which will help me to reach my goals, and as such, fulfill my potential.

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