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Essay: The Eighth Deadly Sin

Posted by on May 19, 2017

The Eighth Deadly Sin:

When Ethics and Morality Keep Quiet

Greed. Lust. Wrath. Gluttony. Pride. Envy. Sloth. These words are obviously a part of a collective. Their commonality? They have all been labelled, named-and-shamed, as human’s inherent downfall. They are used by writers to create characters; psychologists to analyse mindsets; historians to piece together the failures of the past. But what if the list does not stop there? Humans have various inherent qualities which are slowly emerging. The more devious the human character trait – the more ashamed humanity is of its existence – the slower its revelation to mankind. Corruption is but one of these.

Corruption thrives through its environment; an atmosphere where those in power know that corruption is a viable alternative to the just route. This creates a breeding ground where corruption thrives and multiplies, eventually infecting the very smallest organism of the “cohesive” whole.

Corruption has various faces. On the one side, there is the corrupt: the person who uses any means to forgo their action’s consequences by taking advantage of their position, money, and connections. These people manipulate those around them, leaving behind a wake of mismatched emotions; like a garbage truck dropping a trail of refuse, these people relinquish nothing that can be used for good. Then, to add to the issue, corruption is completely on the sly. Not just the action, but the creation too: corruption builds up, feeding off of the other sins, producing another face: those who have been corrupted. Those who picked up the refuse shed by the truck, and allowed the putrid smell of corruption to envelope them and consume them, creating a defeatist atmosphere of begrudging tolerance.

How do you confront a multifaceted system like this? How do you oppose a faceless mask? And so the cycle continues where corruption feeds humanity’s other deadly sins; you lose faith in your leaders, reluctantly accepting their decisions whilst simultaneously distrusting them, never truly believing that the direction your community is headed is the promised greener pasture.

Corruption affects everyone. There are various examples, each one more personal, more shocking than the next. Each one more…inhumane. But simply because corruption is inherent in humanity doesn’t mean that the youth must accept the defeatist jacket handed to us from previous generations. Humans will never be rid of their deadly sins. However, they can always fight against them. The corrupt may not be healed from their infection…however those who are young – taking their first steps in the world – can take a bigger first step than usual. Not just to perform better goals than their predecessors, but also to strive for integrity. Our tool? Our chosen weapon against this oozing black rubbish slowly infecting all of mankind? We will fight black with black. We will use ink. We will use words. We will paint the internet and communicate to the world what is happening, adding more pressure to the stereotypical environment which simply turns a blind eye to corruption. We will create a new atmosphere, staining paper with the truth of people’s actions, forcing them to acknowledge their accountability, to take full responsibility, to firmly perform their duties. There are various avenues to name and shame. Why should the seven deadly sins be the only human flaws advertised? Educate those around you. Speak up! The youth has a voice, and, unlike those before us, we also have the means to use it! If you see corruption, it is your duty to inform the world. Stick to the moral high ground, and soon we will be infecting the world with something much different. Something much more. Something much better than corruption.


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