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General Blurb

General Blurb of WonderWhiteRabbit

(for those of you who don’t know: a blurb is what you read on the back cover of a book…)

Wonderwhiterabbit started hopping the net many years ago, creating varying levels of curiosity in all whose path she crossed. She lives in a burrow far to the South, but prefers to travel, forever being inspired by the fantastic creatures of Wonderland. She has very many ideas – not all of which can be considered quite conventional enough for those close-minded individuals who have grown old and rotten from the inside out.

This is her page, where she is free to write what inspires her; free to speak that which, in real life, she could not say out loud. This is where Wonderwhiterabbit attempts to answer the question that Alice in Wonderland so desperately searched for; the answer to her curiosity.

WonderWhiteRabbit hopping off…

.   .   .

To read more of Wonder’s Works here are alternative links:


FictionPress 1

FictionPress 2

These are links to fiction related writing. Note that these are in no way representing the lives or experiences of WonderWhiteRabbit, but merely an avenue for creative illustration and alternative application of writing talents. These entries are not a professional representation of WonderWhiteRabbit – this is her in all her levels of insecurity. Be gentle. Be kind. Be free to read and enjoy.

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